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Applying S88

Applying S88: Batch Control from a User’s Perspective

Book Description

This amusing and easy to understand book covers aspects of the S88 batch control standard. Written from a user’s perspective, the authors discuss their implementation of the S88 batch control standard with examples and explanations ranging from designing better processes, combining recipes with equipment control, and executing validation test plans. This book is designed as an introduction to S88 for targeted audiences ranging from operators and PLC technicians to engineers and managers.

Excerpt From The Book

“S88 isn’t just a standard for software, equipment or procedures; it’s a way of thinking, a design philosophy. Understanding S88 will help you better design your processes and manufacture your products. Leveraging the knowledge and experience contained in the standard will enable you and your customers to better identify your needs, make recipe development easier, and help reduce the time to reach full production levels with a new system, or for each new product. Following the concepts explained in S88, you could improve the reliability of your operations and reduce the automation lifecycle cost of your batch processes, including lowering the initial cost of automating your operations.”

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Basic Concepts
Chapter 2: Are You Ready to Go Yet?
Chapter 3: Starting (What You Hope Will Be) a Successful Project
Chapter 4: The Physical Model
Chapter 5: Recipes, Part 1: Procedures
Chapter 6: Recipes, Part 2: All the Other Stuff
Chapter 7: Linking Recipes to Equipment
Chapter 8: Other Important Batch Control Items
Chapter 9: Batch Activities and Information Management
Chapter 10: System Specification and Design
Chapter 11: Specifying and Designing Equipment Phases
Chapter 12: Writing Phase Logic
Chapter 13: Starting Your System Right... The First Time
Chapter 14: Finis [Learning points, think beyond manufacturing]