S95 and XML

S95 uses XML to describe and transport data (by moving XML files) between systems.

What is XML?

XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language. Its purpose is to describe data and focus on what the data is.

XML is not a language itself, but rather it’s a meta-langauge. It’s used to define other markup languages. Not only does XML hold your data, but it can also hold the definition of the data. This occurs by using XML to create specific tags for your new markup language.

There are many tutorials available to learn more about XML, so we’re not going to reinvent the proverbial wheel. Instead, use some of the Learning About XML links on the right.

S95 and XML

The uptake of XML has been incredible and its applicability to S95 is clear. The definitive set of XML schemas for S95 is B2MML (Business to Manufacturing Markup Language). B2MML implements the data models defined by S95. The schemas were developed by the XML Working Group of the World Batch Forum (under the keen leadership of Dave Emerson; nice work, Dave!).

The World Batch Forum also has a second set of XML schemas that implement the models in S88, BatchML (Batch Markup Language). This is great work by Dave Emerson and Dennis Brandl.

Control Engineering has a good XML article and how S95 leverages it. See the article XML Delivers on our magazine articles page.