Want more detail and examples?

Check out this amusing and easy to understand book on the S88 batch control standard.

Online Tutorials

We have three tutorials available to help your understanding of S88. (Well, actually, we have one tutorial and two single-page overviews. But who’s counting?)

S88.01 Tutorial

Have you heard about S88, but have not had the chance to learn much about it? Try our S88.01 tutorial. It provides a fairly good view of the standard from a practical perspective. Some examples are even provided, although more examples and deeper explanations are provided in the book shown on the right.

We have considered creating tutorials for parts 2 and 3 of the standard. The reality is part 1 has all of the key information for applying modular process and automation design for end-user companies and OEMs. However, if you think there would be value in tutorials for S88.00.02 and S88.00.03, please let us know.

Entity-Relationship Diagram Overview

Entity-relationship diagrams are a common tool used by IT professionals to model data relationships and design database architectures. S88 uses E-R diagrams to help represent key models defined in the standard. So, to help you out, we have this simple E-R diagram overview.

Sequential Function Chart Overview

Sequential function charts are commonly used to describe procedural logic in control systems. In fact, SFCs are one of the five core control system languages defined by IEC 1131-3. S88 uses SFCs to describe recipe procedures, and many people will use SFCs for phase logic design. So, we thought it would be handy to have an SFC overview.