Selling S88

When we talk about selling S88, we mean understanding the technical merits, translating those to business benefits, and then using the business benefits to justify its use. Sometimes, hard-core return-on-investment is easily achieved. In these circumstances, the greenback (U.S. dollar) rules and justification may not be too difficult. However, for many companies justification may not come so easily.

So, this entire section is devoted to exploring the benefits S88 provides and how to properly frame those to close a deal on using the standard. First, we will discuss the technical merits of S88. Next, in our translation to business benefits, we are really addressing two distinct audiences:

At first, it may appear that two different sets of benefits are required because we have two audiences with very different business and revenue models. This is only partly true. The reality is that many of the core benefits can be applied to both audiences. Let’s illustrate this with just a few examples in the table below.

Core Benefit End-User Perspective Vendor Perspective
Increased flexibility The manufacturing process accommodates more products or changeover is faster The equipment-building process includes more options or swapping options is quicker
Faster time-to-market New consumer products are delivered to market faster New equipment is delivered to end-users faster
ROI increases with each subsequent project Modularity and replication reduces need to design and create everything from scratch for every new process developed Modularity and replication reduces need to design and create everything from scratch for every new equipment order

Even though core benefits can be applied to both audiences, we still feel there is merit to providing two sets of “selling” information. This will help clarify the benefits and make justifying easier. So, there is a benefits to end-users section and a benefits to OEMs section.

Fear and politics occur in all walks of life, but run rampant when technology is involved. Maybe this “human element” is amplified with technology because the average business decision maker does not fully understand (or appreciate) the benefits and the challenges of technology. And so, we’ve decided to add a third section, appropriately entitled “The human element”, to discuss this matter.

We would love to provide more information that helps the S88 community, and so if you have examples on successfully selling S88 that you would like us to post, please contact us. We can post anonymously, if you prefer.