Selling S88

Benefits to end users

When looking at S88 benefits from an end-user perspective, there can be many things to consider, but there are advantages to sticking with some of the classics used to justify technical solutions: quality, throughput (cycle time), and cost.


Quality can be somewhat abstract. Everyone wants top-quality merchandise, but there are tangible benefits to quality as well. Consider that S88 solutions provide good control for managing an operation and help track data, and this leads to tangible quality benefits:


For the purposes of this benefit analysis, we’ll define throughput as not only the speed at which we can manufacture existing products, but also the speed at which we can launch new products. First, looking at the benefits associated with running a plant with existing products, let’s focus on improving equipment utilization and reducing downtime:

Now, let’s talk about benefits associated with launching products faster:


We decided to list cost last, as improvements in quality and throughput also have a direct relationship to reducing manufacturing costs. Let’s just list a few examples:

When looking from a new products point-of-view, let’s think in terms of revenue opportunity, not costs:

Well, that’s our overview of benefits to end users. Feel free to review our description of benefits to OEMs or our review of how the human element can impact the success of an S88 solution.