Applying S88
Sneak a peek at the only S88 tutorial in the market today.

S88.01 Tutorial

Table of contents

This tutorial provides a brief overview of S88.01, the first part of the three-part batch control standard from ISA.

We have considered creating tutorials for the other two parts, S88.00.02 and S88.00.03. (Yes, it’s S88.01 and S88.00.02 and S88.00.03. And please don’t ask us to explain why.) Interested in having those tutorial available here? Encourage us by dropping us a line.

1. Introduction

Who this tutorial is for and how it works.

2. Background

What is batch manufacturing and why we need a batch standard.

3. What Really is S88?

Functions and elements of batch control.

4. Recipes

Different types of S88 recipes and how they are modeled.

5. Equipment

The concept of an “equipment entity” and the physical hierarchy.

6. Modules

The concept of smart component assembly.

7. Linking Recipes to Equipment

How recipes command and monitor smart modules.

8. Now what?

Where to go after you’ve finished with the tutorial.