S88.01 Tutorial

Now what?

Congratulations, you’ve finished our on-line S88.01 tutorial! And you say, “Wow. Now what do I do?” Well, here are some thoughts for you:

Keep Exploring Our World of S88

If you haven’t already reviewed the magazine articles or WBF white papers that we have listed in our Acquiring S88 Intelligence list on the right, now may be a good time to do so.

We might even suggest learning more about selling S88 in another companion section.

There Are Other Good Sources of Information in Industry

We provide a fairly big list of links in our Beyond section, including other informational sites and some commercial sites. We also talk up the two professional societies that deal with S88 a lot: ISA and the World Batch Forum.

See Your Favorite Automation Solution Provider

S88 is really gaining momentum in industry, and there’s a good chance that your automation equipment supplier(s), system integrator(s), or equipment provider(s) are aware of the standard and may even have solutions developed. So, go knock on their doors.

Of course, if you want a take-home reference…

May we suggest the only S88 tutorial in the market today

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