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Professional Organizations

The World Batch Forum is a non-profit, professional organization established to promote the exchange of information related to the management, operation, and automation of batch process manufacturing. In addition to hosting an annual conference with formal presentations and technical papers, the WBF provides organization, management, and structure to facilitate networking among its members and sharing of knowledge and information related to all aspects of batch processing.

The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society is a global, nonprofit, educational organization connecting people and ideas in automation. The Society fosters advancement in the theory, design, manufacture, and use of sensors, instruments, computers, and systems for automation in a wide variety of applications. ISA also is a technical training organization, a publisher of books, magazines, and standards, and provides certifications for industry professionals.

The OMAC Packaging Workgroup (OPW) is one of three primary workgroups of OMAC, a users group formed to establish a repository of tools and deliverables and facilitate global standards among manufacturing end-users and equipment builders. OPW focuses on packaging operations and is leveraging S88 to define standards to equipment construction and connection to the enterprise. (Note that ISA and OMAC have agreed to merge with ISA being the parent organization. OMAC still maintains a separate web site at this time.)